Electric Fatbike Tour - Year Round
A tour for all seasons. An electric fat biking tour in Tromsdalen is a great way to be active and enjoy the local nature while you visit Tromsø. In the summer we follow the local cycle trails, which are a mix of earth and gravel, while in winter we cycle on compact, groomed trails prepared for cycling. This e-bike adventure is suitable for people with moderate fitness who have some previous cycling experience. Each trip is tailored to the group's fitness level, cycling experience, and current weather conditions.
Explore Tromsø by e-bike
Let us show you our favourite sites and city features on our extremely popular and easy to ride electric bicycles. Experience the fun and freedom of riding an electric bike! Visit many of Tromsø’s must-see highlights in just a few hours. Hear about the vibrant city’s secrets. Explore places off the beaten track. Enjoy the stunning scenery. Join our passionate guides on this fun and relaxing activity in a small group. See the beautiful arctic environment from a different perspective and hear about the wonderful ways of living of the local people. ‍
Tromsø Outdoor winter clothes rental
Tromsø Outdoor Activity and Rental Center
Cross country ski trip - beginners ski course
Once in Norway you cannot leave without trying our national sport! If you have never tried skiing before, or are hesitant, this is your opportunity to learn cross country skiing in a scenic and relaxed environment. First, we teach you how to put the skis on and off. Then we begin to ski using basic techniques in a completely flat area. After some training, we introduce some different techniques and by the end of the tour you should be able to challenge yourself on small hills!
Snowshoe trip with a campfire and tobogganing
Snowshoe hill hike on Kvaløya
Snowshoe trip on Tromsøya
Introduction to Ski Touring
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